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My first Mac

My first Mac was a Mac Plus, purchased with $1000 of scholarship money plus everything else I had while I was a graduate student at The University of Texas. Actually, I had three dollars left over. I’m not kidding.

Original Mac keyboard didn’t have function keys

Original Mac Keyboard

The original Mac keyboard didn’t have function keys. It also didn’t have cursor keys. It also didn’t have Page Up and Page Down keys, a Control key, or an Escape key. Why? Well, the IBM PC had all of those things, and the Mac was positioned as the anti-PC. Plus, the Mac was heavily mouse-oriented, which made the “missing” keys less important.

You should have heard it clack. It really made a racket.

The public beta version of OS X didn’t have an Apple menu

Yes, it’s true: the public beta version of OS X did not have an Apple menu. Instead, the Apple logo was in the center of the menu bar, and it just sat there. It was not a menu– it was just a badge. There was more than a bit of an uproar about this and the Apple menu’s position and some functionality was restored in Mac OS X 10.0.

Signatures inside original Macintosh case

Original Mac

The original Macintosh team’s signatures are engraved in the plastic of the original Macintosh’s case. The idea was that since the original Macintosh was art (according to Steve Jobs) and artists sign their work, the original Macintosh team should sign theirs. So they did. The signatures are inside the case, seen by very few people… but they are there.

You can read all about it at Warning: you can lose an entire morning on that site. It’s that much fun.