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Apple has a 14-day return/exchange policy

If you buy a Mac, and Apple comes out with a new one the next week, bring yours to an Apple store and trade it in for the new one. You have 14 days to do this.

Buy refurbished Macs from the Apple Store and save 20%

Refurbished Mac Store


Apple sells refurbished Macs via their website at this link: Everything on that site comes straight from Apple, with free shipping, and a 1-year warranty (same as new). If something goes wrong you bring it to the Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Center (also same as new). Typical savings: about 20%, though sometimes it’s a little more. I buy all of my Macs refurbished and pocket the savings. You should do it too.

Apple also sells refurbished iPads and iPods at a discount, as well as discontinued items from Apple and other manufacturers. See this link for that.