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If you can print it, you can turn it into a PDF



You’d think that making a PDF would involve Save As… or Export… (and in some cases, it does) but going to File/Print… always works. Always!

In the Print box, look for a little PDF button at bottom left.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.44.37 AM

Click that button and a menu drops down, and everything you need is right there in the menu. The button is always there, no matter what you’re printing.


Double-click a window’s title bar on a Mac

If you want to minimize a window, you can click that little yellow button in the top left of the windows title bar. You knew that already. But, did you know that you can simply double-click anywhere in the title bar and achieve the same result? You should check it out.

In case your red, yellow, and green buttons change to gray

red yellow green

Ah, the Mac’s red, yellow, and green buttons: red for “close,” yellow for “minimize,” and green for “maximize” (sort of). You kind of get used to seeing them in that same red-yellow-green order. Until one day they’re all gray, like this:

gray gray gray

Yuck. This is not nearly as good as red-yellow-green. If your Mac’s buttons are gray, and you want to bring back the color, just go to…

Apple menu/System Preferences/General

and choose “Blue” at the very top of that window. You probably would not expect to gain red, yellow, and green by choosing BLUE but that’s how it works. Choosing “Graphite” instead of “Blue” gives you the gray buttons. I know no one who likes the Graphite look but there it is.

Essential keyboard shortcuts: Command-Z, -X, -C, and -V


One of the best things about the Mac is consistency. That lets you take something you know about one app and use it in another app. There’s no better example than the Mac’s Edit menu, and its stalwart menu items Undo, Cut, Copy, and Paste. The keyboard shortcuts for those are always the same, regardless of the app you’re using:

⌘-Z for Undo

⌘-X for Cut

⌘-C for Copy

⌘-V for Paste.

The keyboard shortcuts are right next to each other in the bottom row of the keyboard, and if you use your left thumb to press the Command key you can type the Z, X, C, or V with your left index finger. This makes those shortcuts easy one-handers, and that’s no accident.

Look for an Edit menu, and Undo, Cut, Copy, and Paste, next time you’re using your Mac. They’ll be there, and so will the shortcuts. Learn the shortcuts once, then use them over and over, regardless of the app you’re in.



Rearrange Menulets with the Command key

Menulets are the little icons in the menubar, like the ones for Sound, Battery, WiFi, and Date & Time. You can drag them around into any order you’d like if you hold down the ⌘ key before clicking on them.

This works on all of the Apple menulets. Generally speaking, it does not work on non-Apple menulets. Sorry about that.