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Buy refurbished Macs from the Apple Store and save 20%

Refurbished Mac Store


Apple sells refurbished Macs via their website at this link: Everything on that site comes straight from Apple, with free shipping, and a 1-year warranty (same as new). If something goes wrong you bring it to the Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Center (also same as new). Typical savings: about 20%, though sometimes it’s a little more. I buy all of my Macs refurbished and pocket the savings. You should do it too.

Apple also sells refurbished iPads and iPods at a discount, as well as discontinued items from Apple and other manufacturers. See this link for that.

Trackpad users: try “tap to click”

Tap to click

Try going to System Preferences/Trackpad/Point & Click and checking the box for Tap to click. It saves wear and tear on your clicking finger. Try it and see. It’s a one-finger tap– remember that.

Pressing down on the trackpad, the old-fashioned way, will still work, even with Tap to Click checked, so you get it both ways.

This works for laptop users and also for those using Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

Make stuff bigger with ⌘+

Several Mac apps let you enlarge text and pictures via ⌘+. Sometimes it’s ⌘ and Shift and +, so try that too. The “+” should be the one above the = key, though the one on the numeric keypad might work. Apps where this works include web browsers, Mail, Microsoft Word, Pages, Messages, and probably more.

Help menu shows you where menu items are

menu items

In many apps, if you use the Help menu to search for something, and you see what you’re looking for in the section called “Menu Items”, hovering the mouse over the menu items will show you where in the menus to look. For example, search for “Print” in Help, then move the mouse over the word Print in the list of search results. The File menu will fall down, and a big blue arrow will point to the Print command in it. That’s really handy for when you know a menu item must exist but you don’t know where in the menus to look.

How to watch UCLA play Gonzaga on your Mac


If you’re a Bruin fan you want to see today’s 4:15 PM basketball game against Gonzaga. You can do it on your Mac by clicking this link. You can also watch it on your iPhone or iPad via the free NCAA March Madness app. Here’s the link for the app.